Die Cut Indexing

Graphic Image Group has partnered with Ross-Gage, Inc. An indexing specialist for over 25 years, Ross-Gage is the largest indexer in the Americas, providing timely, quality indexing of many styles to publishers and printers internationally.

Located strategically in Indianapolis, Ross-Gage is equipped with the most modern computer assisted machines available to satisfy production and delivery requirements.

Ross-Gage, Inc. Indexing Specialist

Ross-Gage Mission:
We are indexing specialists serving the publishing and graphic arts industries. Our goal is to be so good at our value added service that it is economically attractive, enhances our customers products, creates new products and business, and opens new markets for our customers products.

Why Index?

  • FIND IT FAST indexing makes it easy to locate what is important to the user.
  • Instant visual impact-greater perceived value.
  • User friendly, quick reference.
  • Increased usage.
  • Reinforces product identity and loyalty.
  • All index cutting done from bound and trimmed product, therefore perfect register.
  • No die cutting necessary.
  • No fold out tabs necessary.

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